Hello and welcome to my Website.

This website is going to be all about my adventures in combining permaculture with business to create a sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle and hopefully will help you to design your own permaculture business.
I am passionate about permaculture and using its principles in business models, I believe that income streams can be integrated into permaculture systems and are definitely not limited to education or selling produce from farms.
I Believe there are a lot of different ways to make income with a permaculture system,  selling food is not the only way and id say usually not the most efficient way.
I used permaculture principles in forming my business which has nothing to do with growing food but its income has enabled me to build a tiny house for my family and start implementing permaculture on the property we are living on, I see the business as a part of the system and have designed it to require as little input as possible and every year requiring less time to run while increasing or sustaining size.
The surplus income from the business is invested back into itself or into permaculture projects or other businesses, once you start this process it gains momentum and what you end up with is a diverse system that is gaining in yields and stability all the time.
I will endeavour to post and record podcasts and videos about our permaculture business on a regular basis and I am always happy to answer any questions so thank you for reading and would love to hear any feedback.
Shannon Wise

Shannon Wise

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