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Hey, thanks for coming and checking out my site, but what is permabizz?

Permabizz is a concept I came up with about two years ago when I was starting my business, and basically its just using permaculture to design a business into an overall permaculture system.

I was first put onto the concept by jack spirko from¬†¬†mainly on his business podcast “five minutes with jack”.

I started recording a podcast in November of 2012 with the intention of logging my progress in building my business, I did get a few podcasts recorded but with quite a few things happening like a new baby, moving house, supporting my mother through a divorce building a tiny house for my family and multiple other things the recordings were few and far between.

The business is now at a stage were I’m not having to spend as much time on it and i knew it was time to get this all going. will be a record of my families journey in building a sustainable, self reliant lifestyle it will include audio podcasts, videos and blogs and will follow the progress of our businesses our homestead stuff and our tiny house.

A word of warning, this website will contain the word “profit” if this word offends you please navigate away now, just make sure you grab my email address and ill let you know were you can send my “fair share” of your stuff.


Shannon Wise

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