Kitchen garden started!





It feels like forever that i’ve been looking at this 10m x 30m rectangle of abused earth, knowing exactly what I wanted it to be and what it could be.





The plan is about 7 Double reach raised beds all on contour, using wood chips on all the contour paths and straw on the beds, all barrier mulched with newspaper sourced from the local recycling centre.



The area has been previously used as row crop veggies, heavy on the tilling and chemical fertilizer.

Not one earthworm or any signs of life were found in all the digging even after a year left fallow, I intend to change that!



Amazingly the rectangle is sitting on contour so the paths can go exactly across it.

When digging the bottom path and putting it on the bed I ended up going down about 50cm, I then filled this void with wood chips that I have an almost endless supply of, This should be a great nutrient trap, binding up any excess nitrogen with all that carbon and then enriching the future food forest and Swale bellow.




The straw is the uneaten stuff  left over from having to feed the cows, not something id recommend but we got stuck with cows and not enough feed so were forced into feeding them hay, I put the bail in the rectangle and gave them free access to it, I did like the overall effect having a convenient load of manure and hay right were I needed it.