When starting the business glassshop.com.au almost two years ago my idea was to use my own business to fund my permaculture exploits, I knew that working for someone else wasn’t an option, partly because entrepreneurs don’t make the best employee’s but mostly because I knew it made financial sense.

 My idea was to design a whole system with a business that went out into society and brought back money, which would then be invested back into other parts of the system, IE gardens, land, livestock, education, plants, or other businesses, all in the most efficient way with the main focus being breaking the connection between hours worked and income in.

After two years i’m happy to say that our income is sitting steady at about 80% of our pre business  benchmark and the hours worked halved, I’ll go into how we did this at a latter time but if you’re interested check out The four hour work week.

So what’s next?

Throughout this journey I have had many realizations and my thoughts on allot of things have changed and funnily enough i am less idealistic about certain things and more optimistic about others. One of the things i have realized is that I definitely had an issue with a scarcity mindset, I was certain that the secret to living a happy life was to somehow take care of providing the money that is needed and then do what I really wanted to do and save the world all on a shoestring, I am now starting to see that like an excavator can move the same amount of dirt as thousands of people, money can be used in the same way, fast tracking progress all while providing someone else’s needs, I now look at it more like a swale or a dam Trapping it in the permaculture movement and recirculating it within.

Another realization was that I need to work with other people, This was another thing I had wrong, after having quite a few people in my previous jobs that I didn’t get along with I was sure that plodding along by myself was the best way to go, I am now finding that I miss the banter and peer pressure that comes with working with others and I hope that this website will help me find other like minded people to work with in both businesses and permaculture.

Now that the business is going well its time to shake things up a bit!

In the next few weeks i will be launching our installation and window repair service and knowing what I know now I am confident that this will at least quadruple our profit and lower our hours worked all while providing an awesome well priced option for our customers and providing an income for our installer and delivery driver, keep tuned in here for updates about how we are going with it and tips on how we are doing it.

Also at the moment I am doing Geoff lawton’s online PDC and will be offering my services as a consultant/ designer as soon as i’m finished with that and With the cooler weather We are finally getting some projects done around our place and will possibly do some workshops or demonstration days, I would also like to have a go at teaching permaculture, all of these things are done for the love of it but will also bring in some sort of income, The plan is to do more of this type of stuff and less of the glassshop stuff but glassshop should not suffer from this.

I will also be looking into the best legal structure to do all this in and will update my findings, I am fairly sure we will end up using a family trust to run all our businesses and assets from, I believe this gives you a little more freedom to share profits and expenses between different entities.

Ok so that’s a pretty good review of what’s happening with business stuff, Please forgive me for the sloppy writing, I am borderline dyslexic and have allot of stuff I want to get up on the website quickly as we have allot going on at the moment and I don’t want to miss anything.